Looking for a quick matte finish?

Say no more! Rimmel Stay matte liquid mousse foundation is the one you’ve been looking for. Not only it mattifies the minute you apply it, but it gives you a flawless natural look. It comes in eight different shades making it easier for you to match your skin tone and is available at all the nearest cosmetics stores at an affordable price.

My take on Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation:

Telling you about my personal experience, I’ve been one of those victims of combination skin where my T-zone feels like an oily giant which especially gives me a very hard time during summers. Struggling with the oily T-zone, I’ve tried various foundations specially the ones that will help stick to my combo face especially during summers to give a long lasting oil free look and Rimmel Stay matte mousse was definitely worth a try.

I bought Rimmel Stay matte Foundation for the first time back in 2014 and have been trying different shades and needless to say I’ve been using it since then. Not only does it gives my skin a long lasting effect but also it blends in so perfectly giving a neat natural skin look.

At first while popping it out, one might feel like it’s going to be hard to blend because of its thick texture. But nonetheless it works just like any other mousse with its lightening effect giving your skin a soft matte look.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Shades

One thing you have to be on the lookout for is the shade you’d be preferring for your skin tone because the packaging is not really clear about the shades. You might have to try every shade twice on your hands to differentiate the shade that would be best for your skin tone. I bought the ‘Ivory’ shade at the very start and though I had a hard time differentiating between ‘Ivory’ and ‘Soft Beige’, they gave completely different looks. The ‘Ivory’ shade gave away the ‘ghostly look’ while ‘Soft Beige’ blended in perfectly with my skin tone, considering the fact that I’m an Asian with a complexion fairly neutral.

Another important fact is that this Rimmel Stay Matte foundation being a comparatively thick mousse is not the best for people with dry skin. I would prefer this liquid mousse for oily to combination skins only. And some of you combo skin people might have to use a little moisturizer if you have your dry skin days going on because skin of peeps like us has its own mood swings.

Though this Rimmel Stay matte foundation is not 100% matte and certainly not ‘Shiny’ as the company claims, but it nevertheless went in my favor and it looked really good in pictures and in natural light. I never felt the need to apply a face powder after applying it because of the long lasting matte effect that stayed on(in my case) for like 7 to 8 hours. It didn’t make my skin oily in that time being. The first time when I applied it for 6 hours approximately, I was extremely surprised that it’s been that long and my skin still gives an oil free fresh look.

You can find it easily at the stores near you. 100% Recommended for people with oily/combination skin!

Have a try and let me know in the comments!