We all know Maybelline has some excellent line of products which includes our favorite Maybelline SuperStay 24 series. I wasn’t done obsessing over the Maybelline’s Super Stay face powder when I found out this beautiful line of lip perfection and now I can’t stop using this product. It comes in a beautiful packaging in over 25 different mesmerizing shades. I bought the “All day cherry” shade from this series shown below:

Maybelline superstay 24hr lip color

Going further ahead, I’ll explain the good-s and the bad-s I observed of this product. Though I am in love with this shade, there are still a lot of factors that are weighing this product’s value down. So here’s my honest review of Maybelline super stay 24 HR lip color:

THE GOOD OF Maybelline SuperStay 24 HR lip color:

  • The most likeable thing about Maybelline superstay is that it comes with a lip balm on one side and shade with the lip brush on the other. The design almost makes you feel like you’re holding a pen in your hand. Hence it’s easier to carry around.
  • The gloss dries off immediately after application to lock in the color but the balm softens it and helps create a matte finish to the gloss.
  • The range of shades are very likeable and if you are looking for long lasting effect, this product is the one for you.
  • It’s quite affordable and comes in almost over 25 shades.

THE BAD of Maybelline SuperStay 24 HR lip color:

  • While the gloss is long lasting and is (literally) a 24 HR stay lip color product, it might not be suitable for everyone’s lips. My lips got freaky dry when I let it stay on for more than 7 hours and I really needed to exfoliate my lips afterwards.
  • One thing that disappointed me the most about this product was the fact that within a week use of this product, the lip brush tore off. At first I couldn’t believe it because you don’t expect that from a company like Maybelline. But its brush was to be used too gently and maybe I was using it savagely. Anyways, you might want to try the tester first while buying it from a drugstore.
  • As the shade dries over quickly, you need to apply it right the first time because it becomes difficult to apply it over again the dried layer.
  • The lip color application feels really heavy and suffocating on your lips and you might have to peel it off if you use it regularly.

For me, Maybelline super stay 24 HR lip color didn’t work wonders unfortunately, but for some people it might do. The product actually stands to its claims about 24 hour stay power. So it’s super effective if you don’t want to re-apply your lip color again and again for the rest of the day.

Give Maybelline superstay lip color a try and let me know in the comments about your views.


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