Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Hello everyone, As you all know winter is coming. I always had to struggle real hard with my skin during dry seasons like winters so foundation choice is very difficult. Last year, I was hearing a lot about this liquid foundation by Rimmel so I looked into it and found various positive reviews about it. And guess what! I bought it as usual (though I had to be broke for almost two weeks because I’m so unfortunate). And I wore this Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation for almost the ENTIRE winter with various primers and face powders to get to know how better this product can be. And to my surprise, the product suited my skin well.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Shades:

I bought this little fella and to my surprise I saw the SPF 18 factor which I liked the most. It’s also available in various other SPF ranges. It consists of 12 shades so you can easily match one with your skin tone.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Shades

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Shades

My take on Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation:

No worries if you do not have lighter skin tone the shades cover them all. I bought the ‘Light Porcelainshade last year because those were some good skin days and skin was not tanned to death. I used to apply it every day before leaving for my university and it easily stayed on for almost 8 hours with no touch-ups. I’m a person who HATES touch-ups so I prefer buying foundations who do not require touch-ups after literally two hours or so. So this foundation worked great with respects to the staying power factor.

The coverage of Rimmel Match Perfection foundation is quite good. Despite the liquidy thick texture, I’ve always found Rimmel foundations to blend in quite easily and efficiently with my skin. Also unlike other foundations, I did not have to re-apply this Match perfection foundation with more than one layer. A single layer was enough for me to cover up my skin good for short period of time. However for longer hours, I applied two layers and found out it gave better coverage to my skin that way. This gave me good money saving advantage as this foundation bottle took way longer to finally come to an end.

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation was quite the deal during winters as my skin gets extremely dry and rough during winters so it requires a soothing, good at blending foundation from me. And this foundation stayed on without making dry patches appear on my skin after a while though normally the shiny or matte effect wears off of some foundations after certain hours. So it really felt like its fixing my combination skin issues and that’s exactly why I’m gonna buy this product again coming winters. But still I would recommend using a moisturizer for people with extremely dry skin before applying the foundation for better results.

The foundation has a slight fragrance to it which is nice. Works for me at least. I have a very hard time applying smelly foundations or make up on my face.

The bottle is heavy to carry but designed pretty good. Overall the packaging is not bad at all.

I would review Rimmel Match Perfection foundation 8.5/10. I would highly recommend you to give a chance to this Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. Also tell me about your experience in comments. Cheers!

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