Combination SkinHELLO EVERYONE !! Today I felt like jotting down some tips to manage combination skin for all you folks struggling like me out there. Combination skin is the type of skin where you have dry patches on your face combined with oily zones (T-zone usually).  It’s a real struggle for me when it comes to makeup because I have to be really selective in my foundation and eye makeup choices. Sometimes it’s almost frustrating because no matter what product I choose for my skin does not work at all.

So here are some of the tips and tricks that I even personally applied to make it easier to manage combination skin:

  1. Stop relying on Soaps and use Cleansers:

I know it’s our morning routine to wash face with beauty soaps but soaps can be harmful or accelerators of dryness in your skin. The t-zone stays oily whilst the dry patches become dryer. This leads to more difficulty in managing your skin. Hence I recommend making a routine of cleansing face wash or scrubs to freshen your skin pores and avoid too much oily or dry skin.

  1. Use Toners or Moisturizers:

Another trick to manage your combination skin is by applying toners and moisturizers to your skin as the moisturizer will overcome the dryness of some portions of your skin and the toner will balance out the PH of your skin to make it even. Exfoliate your skin more often than not. Gel-based moisturizers are more effective for combination skin.

  1. Home remedies are the BEST!

Don’t always rely on companies and their products to clear up your skin for you. As they contain various chemicals which sometimes often lead to more dryness or oily-ness. Natural herbs and ingredients are the best way to freshen up your skin for a flawless look. And not only are they easier to make, you can DIY according to your preferences.

Looking for a honey mask for your skin? Blend it up with your favorite ingredients like yogurt, lemon juice etc. to make your own skin care solutions and apply them twice a week. Not only will they boost your skin and manage the oily and dry patches, your skin will also be able to breathe through the pores and look lovely. You’ll feel the difference.

  1. Protect your skin using Sun screens:

One of the most important ways you can get your combination skin from damaging is by applying sun screens while going out. Make a habit of applying sun screens as it is very important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The damage can be so frustrating to fix. Only by caring for your skin daily can you manage your combination skin from getting worse.

  1. Eat healthy:

Most importantly, take care of your diet. If you keep eating fast foods and fatty stuff you’ll only worsen your skin to oily/dry patches with mild acne and pimples. So eat healthy. Eat a balanced diet. Don’t abandon fruits and vegetables. Specially the leafy vegetables. And drink lots of fruit juices. This is the least you can do for your skin.