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10 Best NYX Products to buy in 2016

10 Best NYX Products to buy in 2016 Hey there ladies! Today’s blog post is again all about emptying your wallet and torturing yourself for the rest of the month because the desire to buy makeup is something just NOT in our control. At least for me, not anymore. But, the PROS in all these […]

How to Apply concealer Under Eyes, Cover Dark Spots, Hide Blemishes

What is Concealer & How to Apply concealer Under Eyes, Cover Dark Spots/Scarring, Hide Blemishes. Your basic guide about concealers and how to put on concealer. Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing good unlike me! As much as I love fall and the fallen leaves and the cold breeze, I really despise the infections that […]

A Simple Guide to Color Correcting Concealer

A Simple Color Correcting Concealer Guide Hey pretty ladies! How have you been doing? Today I felt like talking about some different kinds of concealers because I always have been confused about their shades and uses and couples of years ago had no idea they existed. Yes, they exist in various colors and though they look […]

10 Best ELF Products to buy 2016

My list of 10 BEST ELF PRODUCTS TO BUY 2016 and 2017 The endless cycle of emptying my wallet and buying makeup is actually making me a bit worried about my bank account for a while now. Let’s be honest with ourselves and handle the fact that everyone should learn the art of saving. This […]

BB Creams Vs CC Creams: Should I use BB or CC cream?

BB Cream vs CC Cream. The difference between both creams. Which and when I should use? All you need to know about BB and CC creams. There’s just so much makeup out there and so less time and money to experience it all. This is what a broke person like me obsessed with makeup thinks […]

5 must have Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Hey there ladies! Today I felt like discussing some of the basic makeup stuff that I as a beginner just figured out myself. If you’re a beginner in this makeup world then you’re most probably confused about what basic products you need to invest in for that perfect eye makeup and blushy cheeks and the […]