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6 New Matte Lipsticks you need for FALL

6 new Matte Lipsticks you need for Fall: image Matte Lipsticks have now become the most important part of our beauty routines, especially this year. We have had the bronzy, dewy and illuminated faces and now it’s time for plumpy, vampy and burgundy eyes and lips, in short its time to include for everything in your makeup […]

Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Best skincare products for sensitive skin : If your skin react to any product you put on. Try these products for your sensitive skin care. image source Hey there ladies! Today’s blog post is all about some very best skin care products for sensitive skin that are exceptionally good at handling the job. I happen […]

Best Drugstore foundations for Dry Skin

Hi there ladies! How have you been coping with your dry as a DESERT skin? Not so well? Well I used to feel the same until I discovered some really great drugstore foundations for our dry skin. I have been trying a lot of foundations lately because I got very concerned and actually hopeless about […]